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On several occasions you may choose to use dental removable appliances where a permanent solution is not available or necessary, or because you simply prefer the more flexible removable option.

In the case of missing teeth, you may opt for a removable denture over a permanent bridge. For teeth grinding problems, you may also use splints or mouthguards.

At Booth Tooth Dental, we offer several options for removable dental appliances.

Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics or dentures are commonly used to replace missing teeth. The denture restores the proper functioning of teeth and the aesthetics of the mouth. Dentures are also used to prevent existing teeth from moving to the gaps left by the lost teeth and creating bite issues. If you lose a tooth and don’t fill the space with a replacement, your surrounding teeth will start to move.

At Booth Tooth Dental, we can help you with the following types of dentures depending on your specific requirements. We will first have a consultation with you to understand your needs and then recommend a suitable option.

Removable partial dentures

These are used to replace one or more missing teeth. Unlike dental bridges that are fixed, these partial dentures are removable.

Full dentures

Full dentures replace the entire set of missing teeth in the upper or lower sets of teeth know as an ‘arch’.

Flexible dentures

Flexible dentures are a type of partial denture that cling to the gums and do not need adhesives or metal clasps to help them stay in place.  This provides an obvious convenience over needing to regularly adhere your dentures to your gums.

Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are ideal for patients who have undergone teeth removal and do not want to appear teethless in public. We use these immediately after teeth removal.


If you come in for a solution to grinding your teeth in sleep, known as bruxism, our dentist may recommend splints.  Splints ease muscle tension, stabilise the jaw and ultimately reduce the impact of grinding … your partner is likely to be a lot happier too!

A dental splint is also called night guard or night mouthguard. It is worn over your teeth and protects your teeth from damage due to grinding or clenching your teeth during sleep. Splints are made from special grade plastic. They absorb the bite force thus preventing the damage that would otherwise be caused by the upper and lower teeth grinding against each other.


Mouthguards cover the teeth and gums to prevent injuries and to absorb shocks that are endured during sports. Rugby, boxing, hockey, football, martial arts, basketball, and other contact sport players may need protection for their teeth.

There are over-the-counter mouthguards that are available, but we recommend using a custom-made mouthguard that will be snug fit for your teeth and offer the best protection.  Custom-made mouthguards will spread the force of impact evenly and reduce the chance of stress concentrating in one area and breaking teeth.  Over the counter mouthguards do not do this very well.

A mouthguard is especially recommended if you have had extensive dental work done already which you don’t want ruined due to a nasty blow or fall. 

At Booth Dental, we can make custom mouthguards that offer the best protection for your teeth.

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