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Same Day Dental Crowns and Onlays in Annandale

Annandale Dental Crowns

The advancement of dental science and technology has given us two great options for dental restoration – Dental Crowns and Onlays. Both these procedures are suitable for single tooth restorations.

Traditionally, these are sent to a lab to make and can take weeks before they come back.  Patients would need a temporary crown or onlay while they wait.  Once back from the lab, the onlay or crown is cemented into the tooth.  Thanks to modern computer technology, we now have the facilities to do this the SAME visit! 

Though both crowns and onlays provide real help to you, they differ in many aspects. Let us examine how each one works.

Dental Crowns

This method gets its name from the nature of the procedure – the support for the teeth is placed like a ‘crown’ on top of the tooth that needs to be saved. Decayed, damaged, chipped, discoloured teeth – all of these dental concerns can be addressed by dental crowns.

We also use dental crowns along with other procedures like root canal treatment. After the root canal, we cap the tooth with a crown to offer extra protection and strength.

Dental Onlays

Onlays also offer similar support to damaged teeth. Now, the difference is that Onlays are placed on top of the cusps of the tooth that is damaged. The whole tooth is not covered and onlays do not reach your gum lining like crowns usually do.

The durability of both procedures depends on how well you take care of your oral health.

  • Dental onlays can easily provide support for around ten years, while crowns can stay for about ten to fifteen years, depending on a number of factors
  • Good oral hygiene practices definitely increases their life span
  • Applying undue pressure on the teeth can harm both devices
  • Habits such as teeth grinding, nail biting, biting on hard objects etc will cause harm to them

At Booth Tooth Dental, our dentists will be glad to consult with you and advise on which procedure will suit you better.

Which procedure should you opt for?

As mentioned earlier, both methods offer restorative support to your teeth. The best procedure for you is ideally decided after our dentists examine and understand your dental needs and desires.

Onlays are a minor restorative procedure when compared to placing crowns. The level of tooth decay is one important factor we will consider before suggesting the procedure. If the damage is extensive, then dental crowns may be a better option.

Both crowns and onlays are cemented and chemically BONDED to the tooth the same day.  Immediate cementation means no contamination and immediate strength which means immediate results!  No stuffing around with temporaries!

To find out which procedure is most suitable for you, do check with us at Booth Tooth Dental.

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