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Twilight / IV Sedation Dentistry in Annandale

Let’s face it. Most people are generally not fond of dental visits or of undergoing dental procedures. This fear may cause you to neglect timely care of teeth thus leading to more severe problems down the line.

At Booth Tooth Dental we understand this and offer twilight sedation for our patients who are especially apprehensive of dental visits, or would benefit from getting a range of treatment completed in one visit.

What is Twilight / IV Sedation?

Twilight sedation, also known as intravenous sedation, conscious sedation, or sleep dentistry, refers to the process where a dream-like stage is created when patients undergo dental procedures. Patients will be in a deep relaxed sleepy state, lowering anxiety and increasing comfort, and making the procedure pain free.

Twilight sedation is the process of administering anti-anxiety drugs during dental treatment. The sedative will help you relax and feel peaceful. Unlike a general anaesthetic, you will not ‘go under’ and be put on a respirator/ventilator because this is a light sedative. You will be responsive during the entire procedure but will be sleepy or even drift into sleep.  Once the sedation wears off, the treatment may seem vague and you may not remember it at all.

How Does it Work?

During the dental procedure, small amounts of sedative will be administered intravenously – directly into your bloodstream through a thin plastic tube (cannula) into a vein on your arm. If you are not fond of cannulas or blood tests, don’t worry, we can apply a numbing cream to the area before to make it more comfortable.

Sedation is achieved for the entire duration of the procedure. Your Booth Tooth Dental professional will closely monitor your oxygen levels, blood pressure, and heart rate to ensure that you are perfectly comfortable and safe.

After the sedation, you might feel just a bit sleepy. Although most of the medication will be out of your system, there is a residual effect which will reduce your alertness, reflexes, and judgment for the rest of the day.  We advise you to go home with a family member or a friend and that you rest at home, avoid any strenuous or important activities.  It is recommended that patients stay at home and RELAX.

Benefits of IV Sedation

Twilight sedation is a good way to stay calm and relaxed during a dental procedure.

You are responsive and relaxed throughout with no pain and almost no memory

Twilight sedation allows you to be suitably conscious while eliminating pain.  You will be able to communicate with your dentist during the procedure.  You will also be able to move. None of your bodily functions are affected.  You remain responsive but sedated, feeling relaxed and calm.

Reduces number of visits

During twilight sedation, the dentist can perform multiple procedures. Hence it is ideally suited for people who need extensive dental treatment, and those prone to gagging. This reduces the number of dental visits required and also any apprehension about the procedures.

Twilight sedation has fewer side effects when compared to other sedation methods like general anaesthesia. There is less discomfort after IV sedation, so you recover much more quickly.

Should you consider Twilight / IV sedation?

Talk to your dentist at Booth Tooth Dental and we will recommend twilight sedation if you are a suitable candidate.

Generally speaking, twilight sedation is a great option for patients who:

  1. are apprehensive of dental procedures, the dental clinic, or just hate coming to the dentist
  2. are afraid of needles
  3. have a strong gag reflex
  4. have to undergo long procedures (like wisdom teeth extractions)
  5. like the convenience of getting lots of treatment done at the one time.
  6. have special needs or disabilities
  7. want to avoid going to the hospital and paying expensive hospital fees

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