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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Annandale

wisdom teeth extraction annandale

The last of the molars to appear are the wisdom teeth. Four of them — two each on the upper and lower jaw appear after all permanent teeth have appeared. Since they appear when a person is more mature in age (and hopefully wiser), they are called wisdom teeth.

From our experience in dealing with dental concerns, we know that not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted.

Booth Tooth dentists may recommend extraction based on your specific case – typically when we feel that the wisdom tooth may become the reason for other dental problems.

Reasons to remove wisdom teeth

The main concern we have is to preserve and maintain the oral health of a patient. After dental consultation, wisdom teeth removal is suggested if there are any of the following reasons:

  • The wisdom teeth are impacted – given they erupt as the last of the molars, sometimes they do not have enough space to come out and can get caught in the jaw bone and can cause problems
  • Pain – constant pain which increases in severity and also results in difficulty in moving the jaw
  • Decay – because wisdom teeth are right at the back of your mouth, tooth decay is often seen in wisdom teeth. This could also be because the teeth are impacted and attract infection
  • Cyst formation – a sac is formed around the wisdom teeth which will lead to decay and affect oral health

Gum disease – the impacted tooth affects the gum lining of the mouth and can bring infection and inflammation in the gum tissue

How do we do it?

Dental surgery to remove wisdom teeth is performed under anaesthesia. Various types of anaesthesia are available for you to choose from including local anaesthesia, happy gas (nitrous oxide), twilight sedation, or even general anaesthesia.

If there is an infection in the gum lining, then the surgery is done after the infection clears. Your Booth Tooth Dentist can prescribe medicine for clearing the infection faster.

To remove the impacted tooth, a cut is made on the gum tissue to expose the jaw bone and the tooth. With careful precision, our dental team will then remove the tooth. The site is then cleaned to make sure that there is no debris of tooth or bone. The wound is then stitched closed.

What to expect after extraction

You can expect some bleeding from the site where surgery has been done. You might feel uneasy but do try to avoid excessive spitting and cleaning of the mouth. This might dislodge the blood clot that is formed and delay your recovery.

Swelling, pain and bruising may be experienced – our dentists can provide access to various medications to help with the pain. Placing a cold pack will help to reduce the swelling and offer comfort from the pain as well. You should also take care to consume soft food in the initial days as hard and chewy food can irritate the wound.

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