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People sometimes lose teeth for a variety of reasons including old age, tooth decay, trauma or accidents. One of the best tooth restoration options that has been made available by modern dentistry is dental implants.

A dental implant acts as an alternative to the natural tooth root. They are fixed in the jaw bone and can hold replacement teeth or other supporting structures like dental bridges.

The dentists at Booth Tooth Dental have been providing this dental implants to many of our patients. We can advise whether this is a suitable tooth restorative option for you after considering your oral and general health, your preferred method of treatment, and the location of the teeth.

Why consider a dental implant?

Missing teeth can have large impact on your smile.  When you lose teeth, other teeth can collapse and fall over like books on a shelf.  They make your teeth crooked which are harder to clean resulting in more bacteria build-up.  More bacteria can lead to more cavities and gum disease.

Too many missing teeth can also lead to more damage.  Let’s remember, teeth can crush chicken bones and crack open nuts.  That’s a lot of force!  Without all the teeth, the remaining teeth have to do the all the work and with all that force, they can be further damaged. 

Implants bring back teeth you’ve lost.  This restores their strength and their aesthetics.  Your mouth will feel full again.  Best of all, once integrated with the bone, implants last a VERY LONG time.

Dental implant fixing procedure

At Booth Tooth Dental, we first start with a detailed consultation and preparation of a customised treatment plan for you. Each person has different requirements and expectations, and these are considered in your specific treatment plan.

The main step in the whole procedure is placing the root implant in the jaw bone. After the implant is placed securely, we wait a few weeks for the gum tissues to heal around the implant.

Once the implant heals, the replacement tooth will be placed on this structure. To hold the tooth, a small connector-like device is placed on the root. On this, we place the replacement tooth.

To ensure that the replacement teeth are similar to the natural teeth, our dentists will take impressions to create a kind of model of your teeth and gums.  This allows the dentist to make your new teeth as per the precise measurements of the surrounding teeth. The stability of the implant is very high because it is fixed in the jaw bone.  Believe it or not, over time, your jaw bone will actually grow around the implant fusing together in the process.

You will not feel any pain during the procedure because it will be completed under anaesthesia.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants are the most effective replacement for and closest alternative that you can get to natural teeth.

  • You will not feel that you have lost any teeth as these replacement teeth will look and feel just like natural teeth
  • Implants score high on the aesthetic value, because no one (except the dentist) will know you have one, boosting your confidence
  • No speech impairment issues because they provide the same function as natural teeth
  • No problem of replacement teeth slipping from the mouth like dentures because they are fixed to the jaw bone
  • There is no need to change your dietary habits as dental implants are just like your natural teeth
  • Neighbouring teeth are not affected by this procedure as this process replaces only the tooth that has been lost, and helps support surrounding teeth
  • Dental implants are highly durable and if well cared for, will last for years and years.

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